Annual Employee Leave Record Excel {Form Template}

In organizations and large companies, maintenance of employee leave record is very important and needed to make accurate assumptions about the planning of work distribution and performance evaluations.

There are classified annual leave record form templates which help you easily maintain this extensive data. Based on the number of employees, this data can extend to pages long chart of leaves and leave record of each individual employee which is most required for their work assessment and wages generations.

These templates are created using plain Excel spreadsheets which are readily based on Excel functions and listing of entire employee range of the company. Once everything is put into the record on the basis of required format, there remain no complications in order to sort out any particular query when needed.

Format of Employee Leave Record Templates

There are no standard instructions regarding the format of template, but depending on the out spread plan of employees and their annual, monthly or weekly work schedule, there can be highs and lows in the frame structure and minor variations in the plan.


However the mainstream idea of creating a collective document for all the employees and all their leaves at one place that can be easily sorted out at any moment is easily possible by creating customize templates. Below here is a short step tutorial about the format and creation of such templates which can assist you for this very purpose;

  • Write the name of the company on the main title position by adding a text box on the plain spreadsheet
  • Draw a simple column with the listing of all employees working in the company
  • Making categories of employees or departments will shorten and simplify your work
  • You can do it by simply listing all employees randomly
  • After this, create a column of date of leave and in front of each name, mention the annual leaved conducted by the employee. If you find less space in one cell, you can add scrollable list
  • If necessary, you can form the annual official company leaves plan for each category of employees or particular departments
  • This template can be sourced as your attendance sheet as well, which automatically get updated as soon as an employee is marked absent on a particular date

These are few common and generic structure saliences in order to create a comprehensive template for this purpose.

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