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While making trades and shipments abroad and across the border, bill of lading is one of the key significant documents required for the procedure. There are multiple different Sample Word templates available for this purpose which are readily structured and formed according to principal instructions of this regard. These templates are quite much useful for precise and standard billing process.

Sample Of Bill of Lading:

In this particular scenario, a handed proof of payment and transmitted shipment record is very much important from exporter to the important against the lading payment. This document is issued by the carrier to title the merchandise to the importer on the endorsement and facilitation of exporter.

Example 1:

Sample Of Bill of Lading

Since international trading is though sea routes and air cargo, therefore lading is the synonym phrase used for loading but particularly in the case of cargo shipments. Utilizing advance B.o.L Excel templates help you sharply forming a bill which describes and details all the shipment and delivery intimations. With range over the entire prospects, carrier issued this bill to the appropriate party to give them the title of shipment. Therefore such professional use requires sharp alignment of content and pointed details which have to be added in this document.

Format of Bill of Lading:

According to the nature of its use, there are some typical details which you have to mention either case.  Apart from formatting and layout instructions, visible presence of utmost required information is more important. Here are some of the important factors that you need to add on the B.o.L in order to give it a professional and genuine touch;

  • Write the company name of the title position as carrier of shipment
  • Write shipment details and list down the goods being carried
  • Mention the mode of payment as prior or advanced
  • Write the name of exporter party and their contract details in a specified segment
  • Also write the applied terms and conditions to deliver the merchandise to the right end
  • Add the shipping contract or importer and the cost over heading this entire process

Utilities: This document can be used in different statuses. Such as a receipt which is issued as proof of shipment and goods placing on the carrier facility.  It is also used as evidence of contract carriage like a full formal document detailing all your items and set conditions with the carrier. As title, it is granted to the right importing end with the permission of exporter to name the shipment up to receiving end.

Example 2:

Word Bill Templates

All this extensive documentation of billing can be done precise within few minutes using Word bill templates which are widely available in different modes and layouts. These templates are either created by one for self use or might be available for customization to conduct personalized needs. Once you specify all the documentation aspects and format settings to the Word document, you don’t need to shape out this contract page from the scratch every time.

Using readily available templates, you just need to update the content and mention the recent and accurate details. Once you are done with the layout designing, it eventually becomes easier for you.

Get Free Sample Bill of Lading Word Templates

Since the document is of high priority professional use, you need to be very careful with the format and presentation of the document. Rather than getting into complications of how to add up content on it, you can get many free sample B.O.L which help you learning how to initiate this task. Also you can get customize templates by skilled and professional template makers.

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