Cash Book Format In Excel Sheet

Are you running a business offering discounts or simple payments? Petty Cash book is recording of payments and cash received by a business and recording of cash coming in the business and recording of this information in a journal.

Cash book format is therefore recording of all sorts of payments in a document. a business earning profit and bearing loss can be guessed through this journal. At the end of financial year ledgers and all accounts must be balanced therefore exact information need to be recorded.

Petty Cash Book Format:

Simple money book

This is most basic type of cash book used by businesses. it mainly consists of payments made and cash received. The transactions in debit side of cash book must be mentioned on credit side in its respective ledger account and vice versa. To make it effective it should be checked regularly pointing out any defect.

Two column cash book

As the name suggests it is a type of cash book which consists of individual columns and additional columns for discounts offered and received. as a business dealing with products or services on which account is being offered to other parties it is considered as expense and must be recorded in respective side and discount receiving from other parties may consider as income and recorder in it suitable position.

Three column cash book

It is little complicated type of cash book consisting of columns for payments received and paid, discounts offered as well as given and also columns for contract entries. Quench given and received should also be recorded instantly.

Cash Book Ledger Cash Receipt Cash Receipt Template

Microsoft excel format for cash book

Microsoft excels templates for cashbook purpose is very easy to make and use. a simple cash book can be made easily for small business or large one as required. It is free to use.

A simple cash book or two columns can be made in excel by adding more columns and headings like payments received with names of specific person from which cash is received and the amount. Same is for payments made. This cash book provides exact information about money going out of the business or coming in.

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