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In professional organizations and corporate companies, certificate of attendance is issued after certain time period to acknowledge the dedication of employees. There are especially designed Word certificate templates which are much supportive and handy to use in quickly designing and generating a formal certificate note.  These templates are featured with multiple fonts and styling options and let you create a document in more appealing and catchy form than ordinary hand written note.

Using MS Office suit has become a common practice these days as companies prefer computer generate work rather than manual writing. Therefore in order to ease this regular process, these are designed to equipped concerned person for readily inserting particular information of employee on a ready structure and take out a print.

WordXerox is one of the most complete site about MS word Template.Furthermore, what you create with these templates is more aligned, compact and well arranged. You can avoid time wastage from creating similar document again and again by saving this template and you can edit them whenever required.

Format of Attendance Certificate Template in Word

Followed by the mechanism of employee and resource management being deployed in an organization, format of certification may vary a little but majorly the content is same. The purpose of this certificate is to share good words, a statement of enactment regarding the progress and updated designation of particular employee and details of their department or activity in which they are serving the company.

Here we have listed a couple of important and elementary features that you must include in this note;

  • Write main title heading as the name of certificate
  • Write a subheading stating the name of company
  • Create a section of name, designation and employment identity
  • Create a section to describe the purpose of reward
  • Also write the activity or project title for further details
  • Write a small statement to greet the concerned person for his devotion and dedication
  • Also write the name of the person issuing certificate along with date of issuance
  • Lastly add a stamp to certify that the document is valid and is authenticated from the relevant source

These are few salient features that you should include while designing and creating such certificates.


Word Certificate Template for Attendance to Download

This entire work can be done using tool, which are particularly created for this purpose. These templates remain consistent with format and layout and you don’t need to improvise them every second day. There is a wide range of fonts, styles and other utilities available in Word which let you optimize and draw a magnificent format for the document.

You don’t have to create the same document every time infect you can easily rename the previous template and relevant details of the employee and reissue the certificate within lesser time. This saves your time, your effort and avoids mistakes and errors from regular documentation.

Get Best Attendance Certificate Word Templates

There is a plenty of free sample templates available online which you can save and customize them according to your requirements. You can get a fair idea about the format and layout of these templates. You can also get certification template from professional software designers.

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