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Letterhead is basically a business logo describing a brand or firm and the address of office and organization on a sheet of a paper. It therefore represents a type of business. How to create company letterhead is basically consists of various steps I will describe later.

It is very important for business when sending a business letter or appraisal to new company as it represents a firm. it is a document which allow other industries to contact you as it consists of details about how to contact your business.

How to Create Company Letterhead Template:

Certain types of software’s are available however Microsoft is mostly preferred for the purpose.

Before making letterhead make a rough idea about it on a plain paper consisting company name and logo and also the caption that is tagline for company.

  • It should be one representing company specialty in service or products.
  • Open a new blank sheet in Microsoft word and save it with a name of company’s letterhead.
  • A header must then be added.
  • The content in the letterhead now need to be added.
  • Contact details like number, fax number and address must be added. A company website serves as additional advantage.

Company Letterhead Example 1:

Company Letterhead Example 2:

  • Adjusting fonts must be given priority as to make adjustments in such a way outlining company name and tagline.
  • Logo must then be added alongside the header.
  • Its position must then be adjusted and decided.

Adjusting Letterhead Template

To adjust the header in way to make it look more balanced and attractive tagline can be added in footer. Now a person making it should press ESC key to close all the additional tags. Header and footer tags will also be closed.

Preview can then be made that how it is looking or can be taken in a print out form for more clear results. Any additional changing which can give it a eye catching look can be made at this point. Your company letterhead is now completed and can be use by you.

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