Company Profile Front and Back Page Design

Now come to the most important step of company profile, I mean document front and back cover designing. Your overall profile scheme must give clear indication about your company main objective and mission. Your logo your tag line and your company name must match with you design pages.

Some company’s regularly their colour scheme after getting some main achievement but not 100%, changes impact is just 10% to 15% depends on their launching new service and product.

Designing Impact on Company Profile

Your first approaches should be your profile designing against Font selection, logo and tag line adjustment in front cover and some summary about company main objective in some style way with main achievement.

Cover Letter Design

Designing Principle in Word Format

If you are going to create document in Ms Word format, than you should make design before editing it on Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator tool, here are some designing tips need to be consideration.

  • 300 DPI
  • Layered Base Editing
  • Do not use Heave colour Mode
  • Always focus on Printing Colour

Well design front and cover page of company profile give outlast effect on your entire document and gives you boost in others eyes.

BIll Brown

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