Credit Note Template Format in Word Doc

What happens sometimes is that customers return purchased goods to shop keepers for the reason they don’t find any use or they might not be satisfied. Credit note is a useful formal document issued from the shopkeeper to the customer, which contains the details of transaction and the amount paid by the customers. This note can be used for offsetting future shopping and the shop keeper can easily balance his accounts and debit the amount of customer by selling any other item of buyer’s concern.

According to accounting format of some businesses, they don’t pay back the amount for returned goods unless these items are defected or faulty. Therefore in case a customer has to make an adjustment, there is a proper credit note which has specified Format in Word Docs. Based on the plain sheet of MS Word, a shop keeper or whole seller can draw the format of this document which counts the payment details and item details categorically.

Credit Note Template Format in Word

In large whole selling centers and shops where extensive number of customers visit each day, there is much hectic burden of billing and cash management on the counters. In this scenario, it becomes difficult for the cashier to adjust such unusual cases in which customers have to return a good and adjust the bill for offsetting a new purchase.

In order to accommodate this case, Credit note templates are very much helpful. These templates have a categorically described format for noting down the details of items returned and the amount relevant bill of these items. Once issued to the customer, this credit note is for the memorization of accounts and helps the shop keeper to easily recall particular transaction and manage its payment for any other purpose.

Rather than paying back the money and then crediting business accounts, this is an external outline to maintain right value of cash in the business sales accounts and it keeps no effect on sales account. Similarly for the customer, it is a guaranteed note which ensures that the amount is safe in hands and he can utilize it for purchasing anything else.

Credit Note Template

Template Format in Word Docs

Usually these templates are created in MS Word. No special instructions regarding template format in Word Docs are given but the presence of some general elements must be included in order to generate a right and authenticated note to the customer. Below here are some of the illustrated points regarding this issue?

  • Write shop or selling unit name on the header
  • Write the name of customer and reference number
  • Then add a section for the ‘Product’ which contains the details of goods returned and their referred article number
  • Create a section for detailing amount of the goods
  • Then is section for stamping and signature in order to authenticate this note for future concerns

Once created on Word, these templates are useful for as many times as required. Just alter particular details and generate the new note for new customer.

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