Curriculum Vitae Resume Word Format Template

When person goes in search of a job he came across a term CV. Curriculum Vitae is a abbreviation for term curriculum vitae which is a sheet of paper showing person qualification and working experience. Word Template is used to make a good and professional CV.

CV therefore shows about individual characteristics his field of expertise and his activities in spare time which also draws an image of his personality in employee’s sight. Furthermore it shows personal education and job experience before which helps in employee deciding to call him for interview or not.

Importance of CV

  • A CV is a first impression of a individual on a employee.
  • A well looking resume increases chances of getting a job as he will be called by employee.
  • A CV shows person attitude towards work as well his personal behavior which is nowadays is noticed by firms before hiring.
  • Resume with good approach definitely impresses employee increasing the chance of being successful in interview.

Content of Resume

A good resume attracts employee attention therefore it needs to contain following content.

Personal Information

Information like name, gender and date of birth need to be there. Contact number and email id should also be there so that owner can contact you if he is interested. Email id with name is preferable instead of nicks which is quite informal.


Any skills and expertise of person in some area like computer can be a good addition. A field of his interest is also beneficial as employee may take it as a motivating factor for your job.


Education from o levels should be started as it is consider as a basic degree. Institution and board should also be indicated. The qualification and degree after this basic one should also be listed.

A person interests can also be added.

Microsoft Word Template for CV

A simple and elegant resume can be made in Microsoft word. a layout of page and CV must be selected. It contains information under specified headings like name, age and contact number under personal information as mentioned above. More professional CV for high post can be made with different types of templates in Microsoft word.

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