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Are you running a big industry or you are tenant at a place? In any case importance of inventory cannot be ignoredDamage inventory as the name implies is raw material which cannot be used to make a product or a product which cannot be sold out. Damage report therefore is name or number of stock item which is damaged. Word template is recording of all this information in Microsoft word template.

Damage inventory is therefore of no use and is therefore regarded as expense instead of increasing profit for business. Similarly in the case of rent proper checking of appliances by the tenant at the property and checking the condition of other things like cabinets and windows binding is important or it may be regarded as expense in the end.

Dealing with Damage Inventory List:

1 – Property Damage Reporting

2 – Vehicle Damage Report Template

Importance of inventory directly affects the profit and loss of business. Therefore it should be accurately accounted to show it in the balance sheet at the year end. There are some ways in which inventory of damage must be deal.

home inventory worksheet

No output

There may be a case when company has bought raw material for output of certain good or for production of some new product. However when the process goes on due to non expertise of workers or due to any process inefficiency some output is damaged. This damage output or loss is therefore a expense.

Damaged output Claim

In some due to labor negligence some other product is formed which is obviously less profitable or maybe sold at value lower than cost used in making it.



Warehouse lose

In cases when products are stored in warehouse inventory may become damaged due to spillage of something or natural occurrence like tornadoes therefore it should also be clearly stated in accounts.

Microsoft word Report for Damaged Inventory List

A report of damage inventory must be maintain and organize in Microsoft word to claim insurance or to return damage raw material to supplier. a basic template consists of company name and date on top.

A table must contain no. of items, detail of each item and purchased price and year for more specific and accurate records.

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