Debit Note Format for Goods Return

Generally every transaction is recorded by your accounts department made in the company, and this is for better accounting and exact balance sheet and income statement as well. Debit note format for goods return is actually required, for making amendments in the invoice and it can be due to any issue from the company end or from the customer side. If any items are returned to the company, as if they are not ordered by the customer or if they are not the one required, this does require use of this document as well.

Here is some goods received note template in excel format, you can view and use it for your project plan.

Debit Note Format for Goods Return

Now understand this simple looking document and how it is beneficial for your company:

The purpose of the adjustment or amendment can be seen.

  • If you are following this simple document, it helps you see, why any amounts are reduced in the bill.
  • Your accounts department is able to make exact transactions and debit and credit entries.

It holds all the information regarding goods return process, Sample of debit note you can review from there.

  • Debit note number, name, address and reference are added in the top portion of the invoice.
  • Other information listed in the template is date, description of expense and amount.
  • Purchase manager signatures

Debit note sample letter

For some of the companies any changing’s require various steps and procedures including sending debit note sample letter as well. You are able to get the copy of this letter and then making changing’s in the amount and use it in the same format.


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