Delivery Receipt Template Word

Are you person sending parcel to someone or waiting for arrival of a shipment? Delivery receipt is a slip or paper signed when taking a parcel or receiving any particular amount through a service and nit is need to be sign by a person receiving it showing that he has received the particular goods and now he is signing paper to provide a proof that there things are now with him.

Word template is therefore a software use in business which shows the recorded information about receiving of certain goods by a company.

Delivery slip a therefore a slip providing proof to both sender and receiver that a specific person has received the goods.

Specifications of Delivery Receipt Template:

It is used in post offices as a sender can ask for delivery report with paying some extra money .A person receiving a letter will sign the delivery slip. it is therefore useful in case of emergency or when time is limited.

Email services are also using delivery reports to give assurance to sender that a mail is sent or failed. So that in case of failure a sender can check the email address again.

Businesses projects and products depend on buying of raw material. Therefore a person at a position of receiving goods has a big responsibility to ensure continuous production process.

  • When the goods are delivered to him he has to sign a delivery slip to ensure the delivery process.
  • Quantity of raw material units must be in accordance with the delivery slip.
  • The amount is according to the units therefore it is checked and paid and signed instantly.
  • In case of wrong delivery or in case of none ordering by store department the shipment must be refused.

Microsoft Word as Delivery Receipt

A basic template of delivery slip consists of company name and “ship to” on top. A table later may consist of quantity ordered; quantity received and sends back of quantity should be mentioned.

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