Download template in word format and PowerPoint slides. After making all critical and complex calculations, the idea of BCG matrix template formation helps in easy and quick demonstration of resultant outcomes by simply placing the result on a marked point of matrix which helps in quick visualization of stated chapter. Here are some other saliencies of this growth-share matrix

  • Using this matrix, one can simply place the position of business unit on axial graph
  • As matrix is based on market growth axis as vertical line and market share axis as horizontal, one can easily manage to depict the right position of product line
  • By encircling each product on specific point, you can attain the relevant sales value
  • Simplifies the product portfolio of the company by making classes
  • Arranges low growth products and fast growth products in different segments

Once by placing the right integral information in the right segment, it is quite easier for the company to access its accurate business position in relevant market place.

Create Excel BCG Matrix Template Word

While working with Excel spreadsheet, ordinary task becomes precise and easier than regular means of working and brings more efficient outcome than anything else. Similarly by creating Excel BCG matrix, there remains no need to create a handheld document and do all the extensive calculation yourself.

Infect by simply putting up required formulas of Excel and appropriate functions in their place, everything can be assessed automatically. Here is a short note about how to create this matrix on Excel;

  • Define domain of the matrix from its formatting tab
  • Select axial dimensions and their relevant range
  • Give titles to each section of the four segments based BCG Matrix
  • Acquire useful Excel functions for relevant calculations
  • Add the processed data to visualize its resultant outcome.

Get Best BCG Matrix Templates                                                     

There are hundreds of online free sample templates available online for all professional purposes. These templates help you in simplifying your extensive work. You can also get on customize requirements from professional and expert template designers.

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