Employee Incident Report Form

During professional working, everything is on stake of employees. Employee incident report is very much important when something irregular happens. This report can be created easily by using Word report form which is based on proper format of description regarding all associated factors and justification from the person who is affiliated with the case.

In case of any incident or accident, proper justification and explanation of the matter is record for formally adjusting the scenario in business or organizational document.

Format of Employee Incident Report

While annual performance evaluations are under process, properly formed and submitted documents for the justification of any untied or out of routine activity are very important. For a particular work off, leave or absentee, this documentation is submitted to maintain the record of employees annual work dedication.

 Incident Reporting Template  Safety Precaution of Incident Report
 Accident Reporting Template  Incident Reporting Format

This report contains the formally described details of the incident which happened to particular employee and its supporting details which can help him clarifying his position over the matter.

Employee- Incident- Report-Template

Company Rules on Employees Workplace Reporting

Here are some of the illustrated points which you need to keep in mind while proceeding with the creation of this report;

  • Stats with the company name as main title
  • Name of employee and his designation in the organization
  • Name of manager and his exact working attire
  • Date of incident, location of incident and time of incident
  • Further comes the section of incident details and description in which you need to briefly explain the entire matter
  • Then is the section of witness verdicts which strengthen the cause
  • Then is the section of implied actions which are most expected to be taken such as warning, fine, expulsion, Dismissal, suspension
  • Along with the supposed action, a short space segment of explanation is also added to justify the action taken against the case
  • Lastly is the segment of signature and authentication by the employee, his supervising manager, higher authorities concerned with disciplinary actions

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