Employee Salary Slip Format Excel

Employee salary is amount of money being paid to workers working for a business. Employee salary record excel template is recording of information that wage has been paid to employee in computer or on paper.

A good salary slip Format distinctively shows how much amount is aid as fixed pay, the incentive paid out in case of work above the targets, bonuses in case of occasions and events and in the same ways deductions from salary. a business major expense is to pay salaries to labor therefore this record should be maintained regularly and effectively.

Best Salary Slip Format Excel:

  • Accountant may want the information to update accounts.
  • In case of any missing papers or in case where account need to be updated employee salary record is needed.
  • When an employee is being hired his percentage in salary increment is decided therefore a wage record is needed.
  • To observe a behavior of employee towards work can be observed.
  • Supervisors can talk to employees under him for improvement in their work.
  • One of the major benefit is it prevents disputes from management and employees.
  • It is needed by government and legal bodies sometimes.

List of Record

General information regarding salaries must be maintained and need employee’s name and number. It should also be having date of appointment of employee.

In cases of pay wage paid monthly with net amount should be there. it should also shows percentage increase as well as bonuses and incentives.

Hours of work done by employees should also be there showing break timings and any other time taken as extra by employee. In cases of leave type and cause should also be there.

Employee Payroll Record Template

A good salary slip template in Microsoft excel consists of three sheets. It calculates total wage of a employee perfectly. First sheet contains worker information and all types of taxes on his pay.

The next sheet shows all sorts of leaves taken by employees and the last sheet calculates net salary pays to worker on basis of his work and leaves.

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