Format for Advance Salary Request Letter Word

Download advance salary Request format sample in MS word format, example for level base employees regarding their financial background for some special event like medical treatment and EID ETC.

Coming across circumstances when a employee require salary on urgent basis is common however it cannot be requested without writing proper application including the purpose for which it is required.

Documentation in Employees Financial Book

Proper documentation is practiced in firms while giving advance pay or loan to employee. Sample applications following a particular format followed while writing application is available on internet formulated using word templates.It’s all depending on employees salary management system.

In small business advance salary is usually taken by the employee by just asking the owner and owner simply write it or memorize it while middle sized businesses and industries are consisted of hundreds and thousands of employees therefore memorizing it is difficult. Usually proper documents are attached with the employee file to keep effective system in the organization.

Format for Advance Salary Request Letter

Format Of Advance Salary Request Letter Word

  • Different templates are available for different purpose of the applications in the Microsoft word.
  • Usually subject is added on the sheet “application for advance salary”.
  • The upper left corner of the sheet is filled with information about to whom it is writing.
  • Usually it is written to HR department or accounting department.
  • The body of the application should state the cause of asking this favor from the company.
  • Date and the person writing it name is stated in the last part of the application.

Application for Advance Salary for Medical Treatment

Usually due to sickness or to carry out expensive tests prescribed by your physician on urgent basis end up you with asking advance salary. Details of the sickness and tests can be added in the letter to fully describe the purpose of asking the salary. Sometime you require salary certificate template for being in other process.

Application for Advance Salary for Eid

Special events require person to buy presents for people they value for. It can be also a cause of asking advance pay by employees.

Although some companies offer bonus for these types of events however if you in the part of world which does not support these events you are often required to ask for salary.

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