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Are you a simple person at the sight of crime or a police man? Police report is basically recording of information regarding a crime .the report is on paper or in form of document. a template report in recorded form in computer is preferred nowadays.

Police report consists of sight of crime and the person who is committing it and the party which is being affected due to crime. This report must be prepared quickly and handover to police officer which is in charge of investigating that specific crime. The basic purpose report is providing information regarding crime.

Types of Police Report Template:

Various types of reports are created in different circumstances.

Basic report

A most simplest and basic kind of report can be record by any police officer regardless of his rank. A police personnel receiving call from a person being robbed or a person viewed it. it can be related to any crime like robbery or assault and must be recorded immediately and can be investigated lately.

Officer as investigator

It is a report where officer responsible for solving a certain case may need to carry out investigation. at the place where crime is committed blood trails and samples must be taken and finger prints must be viewed and investigated. people having information about crime like neighbors must be asked questions.

Officer in action

The third type of report is where a officer may need to take action if he is in a place where crime is committed. he has to record information what he has seen and investigated and the steps taken by him about criminal.

Police Report Example 1 Police Report Example 2

Type 4

This type includes arrival of police person or police van at place of crime. Immediate actions like stopping the crime and arrest must be done. Investigation may be carried out completely and questions must be asked.

Microsoft word template for police report

Different reports require various templates however Microsoft word is wonderful choice for recording police complains. a basic template consists of case no. and officer with date on top. Individual headings then are added like incident, Action taken and detail of crime and details must be added under it.

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