Free Apple iWork Pages Templates

Taking over the promotion edge from competitors, Apple iWork is an alternate platform for iOS X and iOS operating system for mobiles. iWork is a professional working suit in comparison to Office for Mac and LibreOffice which is an open source platform.

This iWork includes tentative applications like Numbers for spreadsheet processing and exact purposes which are usually inducted by Excel on windows. Similarly for presentations and demographical instructions, Keynote is the replaced app available on iOS and for the ordinary documentation and desktop publishing, Pages is the component of iWork.

This integrated office suit by Apply is a bit less than competitive apps like MS Office suit in its range of features and accessibility options but has got some really edge creating liberties over them. It has got a good touch panel support as to be used on IPhones and IPads. Its user interface is straight targeted to home and small business users with intuitive ICloud document hosting service that helps you saving all your work on a safe note.

Pages Supers with Word Processing

Since we have told you about the pointed alternates developed for MS Office suit applications developed by iOS experts, Pages is the contingent solution to create word docs using this platform. It is used as both word processor and page layout app.

It helps users to write off important documents with a user friendly interface that allows them to know of each integral feature at first glance. You don’t need to interpret long editing and customization options by vital use infect you can simply choose the action yourself and go with the objective. Some brilliantly covered features are as below;

  • Right on the start, it gives option of choosing a pre-designed template or blank document
  • Comes with over 60 readily available templates in the latest version
  • Direct button support for iCloud documents hosting
  • Direct support for Apple iPhoto image management to adjust desired images in your docs
  • Comes with one click access toolbar that contains commonly used calibration and editing features
  • While creating documents, you get direct access to media browser for quick insertion of audio, video or image files for your docs
  • Also come in compatibility with MS Word Docs
  • It can easily import docs from iWork productivity apps
  • Based on the subject of content, its contextual toolbar brings on note adjustment styles for rapid formatting
  • Users can easily replace any portion with full access

Apple iwork Pages Template

Compact Working on Apple iWork Pages Template

There are no wide spelled options with any reference of implementation. Rather you get pointed options of adjustment and complete control over your task with the new carnation of Apple pages. With entirely different user experience, this app suit has really turned effective to manage lengthy and professional notes while using Apple devices in your hands.

Readily Available iwork Templates

Based on the constant professional requirement, it comes with tentative and personalized designed templates for several common utilities such as broacher, flyer, application, and newsletter, invite card, and envelop, business card and much more. Besides the availability of in-app templates, our professional skilled team can build you highly professional and catchy templates for any purpose you require.

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