Gift Voucher Format Word Template

Are you looking to reward your employee with bonus or trying to figure out a gift for your friend? Gift voucher is suitable for all. Gift voucher certificate is basically a pretty card or paper showing specific value like “5000 rupees” which is then given as a gift to another person who can buy some item of this price or more than one items under this price range. Format of word template is therefore outlook of gift voucher in computer on Microsoft word.

It is basically given to another person or from a business to employee on some occasions like Eid, Christmas and on birthday. It is like a gift with much more benefits for both parties offering and accepting it. Gift voucher is often a attractive and eye catching card therefore gathering attention of everyone.

Importance of Gift Card

  • Labor time and motivation is an important factor for business growth however to make them more productive rewards and gifts are given to them to make them more motivated towards work.
  • Gift voucher is more attractive for them instead of a gift as they can fulfill their some need.
  • On offering gift vouchers on certain occasions company ensure happiness and loyalty of its employees.
  • To drag employees towards more hard work and in case of quality work done before time they should be given benefit.
  • Gift vouchers contain company logo and name on it therefore it helps in advertising a company in different stores.
  • People surrounding user of voucher may seem interest due to its colors and attractive look.
  • Employees may not get addicted of money rewards.

Word Gift Voucher Format:

A gift voucher rewarded by business must be beautiful and brightly colored to show the brand and its outline clearly. Basic template consists of company name on top and then the name of person whom it is given.

The date should be mentioned on voucher and also the expiry date if there is any. The department should also be mentioned and in case of usage of voucher at any specific store the name of store and address should also be there. The person who has issued the gift voucher should also be mentioned.

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