Guest Information Booklet Word Template

For various businesses such as hotels, guest houses, restaurants and motels, guest information booklet is about the general information of particular place and its details necessary for their trip or visit. There are various Word booklet templates available out there which are commonly used for creating booklets to assist your clients or guests.

These templates let you quickly sum up available content in one placed in right manner and true working order. It records the name and contact details of various locations, specialty and prominent features of particular place and other information.

In routine life, these tool are commonly used by designers and printing agencies for quickly piling up the content of client into a standard draft, add up some catchy side factors and print them for use. Using timetable template in word format this would also helps a lot.

These templates are much effective from efficiency and time saving point of view. There are a number of formatting features, font styles and other catchy features available in these templates which help you quickly creating new and interactive sample layouts.

Guest Information Booklet

Format of Guest Information Booklet

With respect to typical format additives, this may have multiple variants in its formatting. Depending upon the end use, you can add customize features in it. For a motel in hill station, this booklet will have the information of various commonly and namely spots around. Similarly for a hotel or restaurant, this booklet will have food menus, services information for hotel and everything that can make their stay, memorable.

For this reason, some typical elements may vary however the generic format is usually same in all cases. The purpose is to facilitate your guest about the available and prominent aspects. Here are some of these generic features listed below which you must keep in mind in order to create a comprehensive information book;

  • Name of your hotel, motel, restaurant or any place
  • Categories of options and services available
  • Listing of all items and services available in particular domain such as laundry, cooking etc
  • Details of nearby locations and services such transport, guide, best locations and tourist attractions
  • Terms and conditions of stay and services being acquired from you
    Charges, fines and terms of loss or damage of any business property

Word Booklet Template For Project Management

When it comes to commercial level, it seems really difficult to design and create individual booklets, infact bulk work is required. Therefore these are quite much helpful in providing a ready draft every time. You just need to make particular changes in it, customize and add on your desired features and take your draft on board.

These templates have a number of options and features to adjust your content, glorify it make them more appealing and charming than ordinary handheld documentation. Moreover, it creates spelling mistakes and error free content.

You can get plenty of free sample templates online which you can customize according to your requirements. In case you don’t find a best match, you can get best guest information booklet templates online from skilled and professional template designers.

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