House Rent Receipt Format Word

Are you an owner of a house or tenant at particular property? House rent is amount paid by tenant or a person living on other’s property for personal or business purpose.

Receipt format is the content of Room rent slip and the way in which it should be formed. Word is management software in computer in which this slip must be created.

A person usually takes someone other property on rent due to personal living or for any other cause like earning a living for him by doing a business on that place. Before doing a payment however condition of house should be monitored by tenant and in case of damaged inventory must be asked to owner to make a repair.

Specifications of House Rent Receipt Format:

  • It is very helpful to prevent any confusion over money between tenant and owner.
  • Therefore it helps in maintaining good relationship between two.
  • It is beneficial as it keeps a relationship away from dispute and cheating.

  • At the time of leaving the property when disputes arise in cases of advance payments in the beginning it can be solved.
  • A proper record of salary by both parties helps in showing any advance payments made.

Microsoft Word Format for House Rent Slip

This slip shows the time span which is spent by tenant at the specific place. A basic template must consist of tenants and owner name.

In case of company it name should be mentioned. Address of property should also be stated as an owner has maybe rented various properties. Amount received should be clearly stated as well as rental time span.

Signature of both landlord and tenant must be there to provide evidence. Mode of payment is also mentioned sometimes like in case of payments by cheque. Copies of rent receipt should be regularly kept safe by both tenant and owner. Rent slips are evidence in case of disputes ended in court.

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