How to Create a Newspaper in Microsoft Word

Are you interested in reading politics news or crime news? To create a newspaper is an art with interesting categories of news. Creating newspaper in Microsoft word however is simple and easy however it should be interesting and informative.

Newspaper provides us with latest happenings in the world. It provides awareness to person about latest events in politics, new techniques of crime and also helps in gaining information through articles and stories published in newspaper. It is also beneficial in the regard if person is looking or want to invest in property as well as improving English.

Preparation before Creating a Newspaper


A person must design a newspaper before creating it to save time and effort later. He should work on headings which are basically captions and a person decides to read details about news from heading. Stories and images are content which attract a person towards reading newspaper or ignoring it.


Articles need to be placed in newspaper must be decided. The outlook of different pages must be designs as font and colors of different pages. Different headlines and size can be used for important and less important data.

Steps to create newspaper in Microsoft word

  • Select a new document in Microsoft word or a blank one.
  • Adjust the size of newspaper leaving it as it is if no changing is required and to make a newspaper of a standard size little changes must be applied.
  • A header must then be decided as what is the size of it and the caption. Newspaper mostly has large headings on the first page.
  • Articles and stories now should be added in newspaper. Any format for content can be selected and then type the story it will automatically come in that format.

Add the pictures you have selected for your newspaper and also add the captions with them to make them more attractive. A font and colors must then be added with writing size and color chosen for specific stories. Two sided printed option should then be selected so that newspaper come out with printing on both sides to look similar like newspaper.

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