Manager tool for Manage Attendance of Employee

Time management is an important aspect for success and growth of business. Imagine yourself as a project manager and the team selected by you for the project is missing two or three employees on a certain day you will be under stress that how you will complete the specific task and jobs planned for that day.

Manage attendance of employee therefore has fundamental importance to complete goals and objectives of business. A sheet is prepared known as manager tool to manage attendance in a month of workers. Check out some weekly staff attendance sheet template if different MS format.

Origin and reasons of absence

Presence of employees is necessary in different businesses and institutions like colleges, industries, contact centers and restaurant businesses. Record of Attendance in a Month is very helpful for manager documentation.

  • It is harmful for business as management is unaware of their absence and they are not notified before.
  • In can be unintentional due to suffering of employees in serious accidents.
  • They are injured badly or with minor injuries due to which they cannot come to working place.
  • They are absent due to medical conditions like sickness or some other medical issues.
  • Bullying and making fun from other employees effect their morale of work.
  • Lack of confidence arises due to this problem.
  • Miserable work conditions like inefficiency of machines and bad quality of raw material.
  • Strictness from upper management or project manager is another causes of absenteeism from work place.

Hazards of lack of manage attendance

  • It results in wastage of precious time.
  • Deadlines of project can be reached without completion of projects.
  • Failure of work schedules and budgets.
  • It increases the expense of business.
  • In case of absence of certain employee business has to arrange some other employee in place of him to carry out his job and tasks.
  • Low productivity or stoppage of production cycle is another major harm to business.
  • Some employees have specific skills for some job due to which production cycle stop.
  • Major expense for business as management has to look for some other employee for overtime.

It is stressful especially in case of project where there is a due date for it. So review more about attendance template in a row for completion of employee management system.

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