Office Salary Receipt Voucher Template

Get receipt in Ms Word format, this template is used for keeping a valid record of salary slips of employees of an organization. The record is possessed by the Human Resource Department of the organization. The complete details of salary of the employee are included in this template.

Format of Salary Receipt Voucher

This voucher is generally drafted in tabular style. In this regard, if you are creating a salary receipt voucher, then you should use MS Excel worksheet because it contains tabular format. It is better to use the column style format as it keeps the information ordered and organized.

Sample Templates of Salary Receipt Voucher

You can view some sample tool on the internet. If you could be able to find customized sample templates, then they would give you a better idea that how it actually looks like and what is included in it.

Creating Salary Receipt Voucher

If you are an HR Manager of an organization and you are assigned with the duty to create salary vouchers, then you can create them in MS Excel worksheet. In this regard, you must mention certain details in the worksheet to make it a salary slip.

The information that is included in a salary slip includes the complete name, logo, and contact details of the employer organization, the complete name and contact details with the postal box number of the employee to whom the salary slip is sent (Each employee has a unique salary slip due whether the salary of an employee is same or different than other employees), the amount of salary mentioned in words as well as in digits, the tax deductions (that apply on the salary of each employee) on each salary slip, the Gross salary and net income (the difference between the two is actually the deductions that the employer organization cuts from the salary of an employee to award retirement benefits or other benefits upon retirement of the employee or at any other stage during the employment), and other relevant contact or identification details that are directly related to the employee.

You must include all of the above mentioned details in a salary slip format in order to make the salary voucher complete.


Importance of Salary Receipt Voucher

This document has a lot of importance assigned with it. It keeps a valid and safe record of salary transaction that a company performs. It also keeps the salary withdrawal record of employees. It actually serves as a confirmation that the salary has been received by the employee.

It also serves as an identification tool for identifying the credentials of an employee because all the contact details and national identification information is mentioned on it.

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