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Are you working as a part time worker or a full time employee at a recognizable firm? Salary slip is a paper showing the amount and wage paid to employee by an owner for his job and time spending in the business place.

Word sample is therefore different formats of salary slips offered by different types of industries. Plain document is formation of wage slip in a simple and basic format.

Mode of payment as well as payment period often different for different types of industries some are paying weekly while others prefer monthly or annually payment basis.  It shows the amount being paid to a person in accordance with its designation and type of work need to be performed at the working place.

Importance of Salary Slip

  • It roughly shows person qualification as the position indicated the qualification mainly required for it.
  • It also shows financial position of person as more salary mean a person is financially stable.
  • This is of fundamental importance as it is given by accounting department or a owner to employee at the end of month.

Salary Slip Example 1:

Salary Slip Example 2:


  • It therefore serves as a record that a person is paid for his hard work as it is signed by employee when he receives the payment.
  • It shows the details of salary individually as well as net pay.
  • Therefore person can apply for loan or mortgage in a bank through this salary as it is asked by them before passing the loan.
Salary Slip Format Salary Certificate Template Pay Receipt Software

Microsoft Plain Word Document as Salary Slip

This is a important document preventing confusion and disputes therefore it should be easy and understandable. A basic salary slip template in Microsoft word consists of company name, employee name, his position and month and yarn on top of table.

A table consists of earnings basic and overtime and more as per the requirement and the deductions as tax, in case of a loan take from company and leaves and net salary at the end. It should be signed by employee at the end.

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