Phone Call & Message Log Template Word

Have you forgotten something about your calls or have you cleared your message & call log? Even if you do large organizations have not done so as they use data about calls for many different purposes. Phone log template is collecting data about call center calls and calls between a person and sales agent and to use this data in useful way.

Today there is a lot of competition in cooperate world as well as small organizations therefore they want to know the basis of choice of consumers as well features which attract consumers. The phone log may provide details information about calls also like call duration and time of calls.

Features Of phone Call log:

The calls in call centers may observe by supervisor as to check his agents behavior with customers.


  • Basic uses of phone log may include needed information for legal manners.
  • It can be a solution in case of disputes when one party is refusing talking to specific person.
  • Mostly call centers are based on sales output.
  • It helps them in improving quality of calls by using certain calls as example.
  • Training process is much in case of new hired personnel or in case of existing agents.

To deal with rude and arrogant customers agents need expertise therefore these calls can be used. For verification of purchased item by a customer or customer asking for specific purposes.


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