Room Rent Slip Format Word Template

Are you living in other city for study purpose or to earn? A person needs a comfortable and peaceful environmentRoom rent is therefore an expense bear by a tenant or a person of using a specific place, specifically for a room. Slip in word format is therefore recording of this information in electronic media’s software.

Sometime a person has to leave home due to different personal factors like his university is in other city where he has no relative or when he found a job out of city or in case of transfer then he has to use hostel facility or a person offering room on rent in his apartment. However a proper record of room rent slips must be stored for future benefits.

Benefits of Hostel

Hostel is a accommodation place provided for people outside the city. It should be choose by a person noticing factors like nearness to college or working place as well the rent of room. Different charges are charged by hostels specifically on their location as well as facilities provided by them. Hostel is a living place for person therefore it should be decided for long term purpose to prevent shifting.

Importance of room rent slip

  • Firstly it helps to maintain and organize record both by owner and tenant.
  • It prevents cheating from both sides in future.
  • Hostel management may desire to keep record as there is large number of people present in hotel therefore to memorize this is difficult.
  • A date on slip is important as it shows the date on which person has to again pay the rent.

Microsoft Word Format for Room Slip

It is preferred by an owner of simple property as well as person who owns multiple properties as well as by hostel management. A basic template in for room slip clearly shows the date on which amount is received.

Room no must be mentioned as well the amount both in numerical as well as in words. It shows the tenant name that amount is received from “this person”. The time span of payment that this payment is from this date to that date.

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