Sample Car Deposit Receipt Template Word

Car deposit receipts are prepared at the time when car is bought by another person. This receipt template is prepared in Microsoft word. There are certain ways of buying automobile nowadays as various options are provided like buying a car on installments from a bank or buying it immediately or asking a bank for loan to buy a car.

Buying a car on installment is preferred buy individuals who are job holders or person who are unable to arrange a big amount to buy a car. For more type of car deposit slip template check out our next blog. It is an easy as a person can buy a car by paying monthly installments which are easier to arrange.

Purpose of Car Deposit Receipt Template

You can also download car invoice, maintenance template regarding auto. Check out and submit a query about any particular topic.

  • Whenever a transaction occurs a slip is prepared to act as a proof.
  • It shows the detail of transaction like what is bought and how much amount is spent.
  • Buying a car require a large amount to be invested.
  • Some people arrange it taking a loan from bank while others take money from some relative.
  • A document which shows that possession of car is being transferred is essential to prevent cheating.
  • A receipt which can be used later as a car document is essential for a new buyer as papers generation process for a new buyer took some time.

Car Deposit Receipt

Format of Car Deposit Receipt Template Word

A basic template for deposit slip can be prepared in Microsoft word. It shows the transaction date. It shows the content which shows that the owner of car has received amount for it however the possession of car will be transferred to new owner when the remaining amount will be paid by buyer.

It also shows detail about car which is bought. The brand of car as well as model is mentioned in the slip. The year with the model number as well as VIN is also included in this receipt. This detail show that the receipt prepared is limited to specific vehicle.

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