Sample Daily Phone Call Log Template

In organizations and even in domestic life, there is a sheer need of crating phone call log in which the data of all received or dialed calls is maintained. There are hundreds of various Excel log templates that let you create this document with an organized pattern. Using these templates, it is no more difficult to place calls and their time along with duration and other source information at the right place.

So resultantly these templates convenient manage the bulk call record especially of a company where this data is useful for various assessments and planning and later on stages when managers or planners need them.

Not only from planning point of view, but also for the memorization, these call log templates are equally helpful everywhere. In case you are working with some message writing, memo writing or anything else, and you need to check out the time, number, person’s name, duration or highlighted points of discussion during any particular call, there is no need to scroll down your long call list of phone rather by pointing out the exact entry in your spreadsheet templates, it hardly takes you a couple of seconds to sort out the desired material.

Format of Phone Call Log Template

As such there is no hard and fast format of sales action plan template; instead anyone can adjust the relevant content as per his convenience and pattern of understanding. However there are some standard elements that you need to add into this log so that it could be easily interpret.

Basic purpose of this log is to add the time, duration, date, number, name of caller or the person receiving your call along with some highlighted issues discussed during the call in order to retain the right record of each call. This is solely for the purpose of memorization so that busy managers or employees of the company can keep a check over their past call log for professional matters. Here we have listed a couple of important factors regarding its format;

  • Write the heading of call log and the duration in brackets for which this log is settled
  • Make a table list down all your contacts and unknown numbers with some reference identity
  • In a parallel column to this one, write the number of calls being made during particular duration
  • After settling the total calls, make another column in the table and write date of each call
  • Also write the time and duration of each call
  • Lastly you can add a column to write salient discussion points for reference

Adding up these important factors, it eventually becomes easier to make a gross call record and finding any particular entry with its identity note.

Call Log Template

Excel Log Template or Tracking System

Using ordinary ways for making this log might not make a difference whereas these tracking system have entirely turned this chapter into a facer. These templates are so helpful for quick and precise data finding that is not possible by any other means. Rather than you scroll down your log list in phone or you point out any entry from your documented log, it is much easier and time saving to use Excel templates for this purpose.

Whenever you need to find out any particular call, you just need to use Excel one entry search function and it will take it out for you. Check out any relevant parameters and make your work done within minutes.

Get Best Phone Call Log Template

Instead of working around with Excel spreadsheets and exploring format and functions yourself, it is quite better that you go for readily available free sample templates. Also you can get required template customize order through professional and expert template designers.

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