Sample Goods Delivery Challan Format Word

Using internal and external documents to keep proper record and preventing errors is practice adopted in both small and large scale businesses. Goods are delivered to the other companies and the customers if they are ordered.

However a document is formulated using word in specific format to keep record of the goods taken from the store and sent to customers or other company as ordered. Challan is therefore utilized to help showing the details regarding Delivery Receipt Template.

Usually store keeper is responsible for the goods in the store and he is answerable for them. Therefore store department use this document to show the goods and the quantity which is sent to customer. it is also helpful for the stocktaking purpose as stock is continuously updated as well as the records.

Format Of Goods Delivery Challan

Checklist must ensure before creating form or template for this. For more detail on it keep contact with WordXerox.Com team

  • Company name which is sending the goods
  • Delivery note number and the date when it is sent
  • Supplier reference and the mode of payment
  • Name of company which has ordered the goods
  • Buyer order number and the date when the goods were ordered
  • Dispatch document number and dispatched through
  • Destination as well as terms of delivery
  • Information related to goods ordered
  • Total amount required to pay by ordered company

Material Delivery Challan

Usually when the materials are ordered by the company it is for regular operations or for some specific project.


The document prepared while dispatching of items from company where they were ordered holds information about description of goods ordered, the number which were ordered as well as per unit price.

Delivery challan format of vehicle

To maintain proper error free accounting documents is very important to realize actual performance of the company therefore delivery challan is common.

However vehicle challan is utilized when specific vehicle is delivered to customer and both parties has signed the document verifying the delivery.

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