Sample of Bill of Lading PDF Template

Looking for YRC, generic to standard, blank to professional and short to negotiable bill of lading template in PDF printable format, so here is download few example of different type of sample for documentation?

In frequent shipping services, it is quite hectic to create individual bills by adding all such repetitive and identical details each time. It is more useful and handy technique to get all the specified content on a raw draft using Word Waybill templates and avoid formatting mistakes, grammatical errors and mis-spelled sentences. Another useful aspect to adapt this methodology is that you don’t really need to conduct every point setting from scratch.


BIll of Lading Sample

Format Bill of Lading Template

In which template you must add shipper detail and receiver detail in much specified and prominent way in header of template.

Header Design of Bill of Lading

  • Company Address
  • FAX, TEL, FL
  • Date and PH NO
  • REF NO of Both Shipper and Receiver

Body Format Design

  • Pick Up Ref#
  • No of PKGS
  • Gross Wt
  • Description/Dimensions
  • Remarks

Footer Design of Lading

  • Received in Good Condition & O.K for Shipment:
  • Driver Name:
  • Printed Name with Date
  • Shipper: (Time In and Time Out)
  • Receiver: (Time In and Time Out)

At the end you can paste your company legal terms and condition for example Maximum weight per shipment and loss or damage to content. Once you are done with the proficient alignment of material, it doesn’t take you longer to proceed with the matter of formal documentation. Lading Bill word Sample you can download here.

Download Lading Bill in DOCX Format

Printable format of lading bill in DOCX format, check out free sample of lading bill been use in many different organization like DHL EXPRESS, TCS SERVICE and other popular shipment service. Here above you can see ATS Service corporation lading sample.

Download:- Lading Bill Sample

Get Best Bill of Lading PDF Templates

When you are having many other responsibilities on head and exploring feasible mode of documentation isn’t into hands, you can really go for a smarter approach by acquiring many free best and classified tool available online. Get then, customize them according to right requirements and you are done with hectic documentation.

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