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In general business to business transaction model, debit note is one of the most commonly and importantly acknowledged document. There are exclusively designed word template formats which help you reserving all required information on this organized note.

These templates are very much helpful at commercial level where daily hundreds of transactions are adjust and hundreds of customers are entertained for this very purpose. Using these templates, it becomes easier to write all the useful information in particular draft and keep a record for future use.

What basically this document means is that sometimes business issues a written credit note by adding the details of amount upwards at business end. Rather than paying back the amount and then adjusting long scattered sales account of the company, and externally generated slip using credit note template is generated to customer.

Whenever required, customer can present the slip and shop against equivalent amount. Therefore a customer requesting the shop keeper writes off a slip mentioning all the returned goods and their corresponding price to help shop keeper knowing exact billing details.

Debit Note Template

Format of Debit Note Template in MS word

Since professional working and business inventories are mostly done on credit basis, therefore reversing the additional amount of return goods require you to write a debit note to the seller. Based on the type of business and goods being returned, format can vary but overall, basic parameters and structure layout of this document remains same everywhere. Here we have listed a couple of important factors regarding the format of this formal document which is commonly used by purchase to remind of the right quantity and cost of products being returned;

  • Write the main title of memo as Debit Note
  • Stating a sub heading beneath this main title, write a descriptive line which tells the purpose of this note
  • Write your name, any business account or identity number
  • Make a two column table and title its columns as goods and cost respectively
  • List down all the returned or yet not shipped goods in the left column
  • Write down the individual prices and total bill in the right column
  • Draw another column parallel to the previous ones and write any applied taxes and additional value
  • Also write the date of return and date being committed for balancing transaction

After this, write a short note for reminding seller or other business party about the referred deal.

Excel Note Templates are also available

Providing the ease of working, Excel note templates are so helpful and amazingly precise to your actually working requirements that you don’t need to spend time on least concerned factors. Using these templates, it becomes eventually easier to generate or produce effective and well aligned documents based on a permanent and right format.

These templates not only save your time but also contain fewer chances of errors as mistake as once drafted with perfect structure, it remains there till last. Also by simply altering the details, you can get an updated draft rather than starting from scratch.

Download Best Debit Note Template

Instead of exploring formatting complications and functions of Excel to write an effective template, it is much smarter approach to find hundreds of freely available sample template and save them for your personalized use. You can also customize them according to your requirements.

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