Track the Student Performance Monthly Basis

If you are looking forward to track the student performances on monthly basis click here for the great ideas. Student analysis sheet and marks performance sheets are also added here for the teachers help. Common questions by parents about their kids can be easily answered by the teachers through progress monitoring. Assessment advice and forms for teachers are helpful to keep the records effectively.

Different types of ways are utilized by teachers these days to track the performance of the students and to give them advice as well. Parents are also concerned about their kids performance in the specific subject as well as a whole which can be discussed easily through these sources. Check out daily class worksheet template and plan your activity of kids.

  • Goal bulletin boards
  • Art goals
  • Goal charts
  • Leader in me
  • Goal settings
  • Hall way bulletin boards
  • Classroom décor

Ways to Monitor Student’s Progress

  1. Worksheets

Different ways and strategies are used in institutions however; the most common yet useful way of tracking performance is worksheets used by the teachers.

Student Performance Monthly Basis

They show the record of the grades and marks of the students in the specific assignment and test. The reports are then prepared on these bases and showed to parents and management in the school. Students are then advised and appreciated on the basis of the worksheets.

Performance Analysis Templates for Teachers

Free sample templates are available on the internets which are specifically prepared for the teachers help them to analyze performance of students on the different subjects and chapters.

Different columns are filled up with multiple headings showing the purpose of the specific column like test assessment marks, marks in the monthly test, participation in the class discussion, quiz games, math and science project marks and participation in extra circular activities.

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